Monday, October 10, 2011

Love Me Some Sundays

Hi. I think I am stylish.

This is Katie's favorite, probably because I look like a royal imbecile {I was talking when she took this, I don't normally make this face. . .often}

Clearly could use a little work in the "model" department. . .okay so a lot of work, geez

Happy Sunday :)
Sundays are very special to me. I love getting up early and putting on my pretty face. <---oh yes, I have lots of different faces, don't believe me? Just try and eat the last slice of angel food cake and see what my face can do!! 

Taming my hair is always a time-consuming situation, this week I tried a heat-less curling technique that you do the night before! It worked!! If you want to try it go here. . .I will warn you that girl makes me want to stab my eyes with needles but it really does work so hang in there and curl your hairs!!!

Also I realize that my outfit DOES NOT MATCH! I like it that way! Fall is for mixing and matching (or in my case NOT matching) colors and patterns. I love fall!

I am working on self love. I want to be my best friend, not my best enemy. Yep, life is lovely. I am gonna go live mine :) 

Lover-of-myself Over and Out

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