Friday, October 14, 2011

"Are you feeling okay?" Code for "Hey! you look like Crap!"

So yesterday was a blaaa day. I got up and pretended to care. I put on clothes and combed my hair.
{that rhymes. . .giggle giggle}

I'll admit that by no means was I feeling hot-to-trot. I was tired and fussy and wanted to stay in bed FOR-EV-ER. It certainly did not make me feel like skipping through a field of daises when I walked into the shop and my father says, "Are you feeling okay *long pause* you look *more pausing and a gulp* tired." 

TRANSLATION: "Cassie you look like a steaming pile of ugly." 

I could have ignored my daddy, but a close friend of the family and a complete stranger verified his accusation. 

Well those three pictures show exactly how I feel about that. Bite me. So there.

Bella thinks I am beautiful and a rockstar. She wins, they lose.

Rockstar Over and Out


  1. OH. MY. HECK. I freakin love your adorable sexy guts. You are lookin FINE btw! LOVE YOU FOR FOREVER!!!

  2. Woman I love you!! You are the greatest EVA!!