Thursday, October 20, 2011

Before and After Business

Alright folks, I was putting pictures from my Mom's camera onto my computer today for the first time since she got it 2 years ago. . .yeah, that happened. Anywho the reason for this post is because I came across some pictures that both made me realize I use to be as huge as a house AND recognize how far I have come since then
. . .here we go. 
Hold onto your hats.
This is most definitely gonna be a bumpy ride: 

Before:  Two Thanksgivings ago (where I no doubt ate the whole myself...with my hands)
 After: This August

Before: At Kristine's Baby Shower 2 years ago
After: At a Field trip last Saturday

Okay two more and then I will stop this madness.

Before: Thanksgiving agian

After: Last August on our way to church :)

May I just say that my Mom is hot? Oh cause I just did! 

I am so proud of how far I have come.
I think sometimes we are just down right mean to ourselves. I know I still look in the mirror and pick myself apart, that is simply unfair.For look what I did!!! I did that! I changed me. 
I love me [in a not super stuck-up kind of way]
All this time I have been exercising and eating right and I did not know why. I had no real purpose in mind, well I am sure this was all in preparation for my next big adventure. I just know it. 

Skinny Over and Out


  1. You look great!!

  2. Thanks Jodi! You are looking fabulous as well!! Seriously WAY TO GO!!