Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Mama Smith made this jam. I think she might be a magician, because this stuff is magical let me just tell ya. I literally begged for a jar of it while I was at her house, like a homeless puppy or something equally pathetic and hungry.

This stuff is also magical. Which means Skippy must be a magician too. Obviously.

Yes, I am the kind of girl who spreads PB & J with a spoon. Deal with it.    

I am also the kind of girl who licks said spoon {this can't actually surprise you, if it does you're dumb}
This picture makes me want to sing Spice Girls. . .so I will . . . "Cause tonight is the night, when two become one!!"

MMMmmmm Peanut Butter!! My dad has been grumpy at me for not eating enough calories these last few days, he should be thrilled because peanut butter is jam packed with both calories AND fat! Bonus! I am not gonna lie, if peanut butter were a person I would totally Facebook stalk it. . .yep, I went there.

Dinner fit for a queen.

Nom Nomm Nommmm!!
What every college student wants to do after a long day of work and classes is devour a truly delectable snack, and its name is peanut butter and jelly. There are the occasional nay-sayers who think this snack is yucky. . .they are normally snooty-booties OR have peanut allergies {sissys}

Whatev. More for Cassie. 

PB & J Lover Over and Out

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