Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Date With The Parentals

My dad is one lucky fella. Instead of having date night with just my mom he has been getting the opportunity to take me along as well. Like I said, Lucky Dad.

Last Friday he took us to see SIX in Branson. It was lovely. In fact the next morning I could hardly speak because I had cheered so loudly for those dudes. We had dinner there too...my dad is an excellent date...nothing is too good for his girls.

There was cake. Cake = happiness and excess flub (the flub is totally worth it)
Those wiggly lines are where I could not resist tasting the raspberry drizzle.
I am not very lady like <---shocker? I think not.

Look at those big cuties! A match made in tan people heaven. I look like an albino walking along side these two. If people start calling me Powder we are gonna have to have words. Be forewarned name-callers I work out, I will hurt you.

So I am a lazy bones and did not feel like rotating this picture, try and pretend that it is facing right side up. I was trying to capture the ambiance of the Hughes Brothers Theater...that's an oil lamp by the way not a tea candle, fancy I know. Too bad our oil lamp was not full of oil and consequently burnt out before our food reached the table. Cheap-skates just sayin'.

Also this was sitting on our table:
That is how classy people beg for tips. Awesome. 

The best part of our date would have to be the LADY WITH THE RED FLAG she is kind of a big deal (hence the capital letters and underline)
So we are sitting up in the balcony because that is where dinner is served and we notice people streaming in and taking there seats waiting for the show to begin. Along comes this lady holding a red flag high in the air with full-grown adults following behind her as if she is the mother duck of the theater and they are the idiotic ducklings. 
I mentioned to my parents that there were a total of 6 people following her and could they not have done so without the ridiculous flag? I could have handled it if this scenario had happened only once but NOOO this dang lady comes in marching her troops over and over again. Even once the people were seated the lady kept walking holding that flag high. . .can you say power trip?? 

Look closely, past the baldy and the two old broads. . .there is that blasted flag and the six dummies following it. Best. Thing. Ever. 

I love going on dates with my parents, if you think that's lame you obviously haven't been paid for and lovingly taken care of without the weird "do I owe him a goodnight kiss?" thing hanging over your head.Yeah, I'll give you a minute to think about that!! In your face!

Third-Wheel Over and Out

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