Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jewelry is a girls best friend

I like to think I have substance, ya know...gusto. 

Oh but I don't.

How do I know?


My Aunt got me this:

 BAM {cute packaging}

 BAM BAM "Necklace of my dreams AhhHAhhhahhh" *Sung in a heavenly opera voice*

I sound like Emeril Lagasse up in this place. I love me some Emeril, nothin' wrong with a little chubby Italian dude shimmying around the kitchen working up pots of delicious goodness. Nope, nothin' wrong with that. 

Except ya know the calories. . .and the starch. . .and the fat. . .let's not forget the salt. . .

Okay so there may be a few things wrong with it, but I still dig the guy.

*holy random Cassie get back to business* 

Right-O, my Aunt sent me a necklace that I want to marry --lucky it, cause I am totally single-- and now she is my FAVORITE Aunt! 

Petty, unfair, shallow? I think not! My Aunt is hilarious! And fun! And kind, sweet, and understanding not to mention has excellent taste in Jewelry. 

The only way I could have loved this gift more is if she had sent me a little travel sized Emeril and a plate of noodles. . .all this Lagasse talk has me yearning for some pasta REAL BAD!

I wore this lovely today and I think it brought me good luck because I met a way cute boy today. He sorta knows I exist too. . .BONUS. . .

Thanks Aunt Ann, I love you!

Happy-Niece Over and Out


  1. Everybody always liked her best!

  2. Can you blame them? Don't worry, I like you too :)