Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Well Hello Hot Stuff!

Hi there! I believe introductions are in order (consider yourself lucky because under normal circumstances I always forget that part, drives my friends crazy..."Hi I'm Cassie's friend that she so rudely forgot to introduce.") Well anywho I am Cassie the-terribly-forgetful-when-it-comes-to-introducing-etiquette girl.

My reason for joining the blogging world is quite lame...my sister did and I totally copy-cated. Now normally I like to pave my own way in life, however this blogging thing seemed like it was made for me. In time I know she will come to forgive me for Kel has never been one to hold a grudge (wheww...thank goodness!!).

Some things to know about me include:

-Hate bees. Always have, always will
-I'm kinda chubby (not in a WOW-lady-lay-off-the-doughnuts kind of way, more of a my-skins-just-fluffy-I-swear kind of way)
-I am a nanny...which forever fuels my interesting moments to be shared with the world category
-Love carrots
-Hate pickles
-I have been known to balance all kinds of random objects on my head solely for my niece's delight
-Singing makes me smile
-I have the coolest Mom

I am also the kind of girl who tends to have male best friends. Normally this is wonderful but herein lies the problem, my best friend has a terrible habit of showing up at my house when I look my absolute worst. Picture a normal girl. Now pretend a squirrel has been building its nest in her hair, add a t-shirt that a 20-month-old has recently smashed animal cracker goo into and smeared mascara smudge under her eyes from the day before. Ta daaa that is me! If my best friend were a girl she would look at me with a 'its that kind of day look' and knowingly pat my shoulder. But boys are dumb...when he walks in the room he quickly tries to mask the look of complete horror with a face that says, "I was not at all afraid of you just now" and mumbles a, "You look cute." 

Excuse me Boy (that is what we call him) but I know I look like a hot mess. Which is why I have been avoiding reflective surfaces including the microwave all day! These kind of experiences happen to me on a regular basis. You are probably wondering why I don't try and look presentable more often? Well the answer to that question can be summed up in two words: Lazy and Toddler. The toddler is not lazy I am, just to be clear.

Tonight was particularly mortifying. I had just gotten home from a nice walk/jog with my sister-in-law (I am trying to slim down a bit) and I was sweating like there was no tomorrow; also my face becomes red very quickly when I exercise and stays that way for quite some time after I am done, consequently I looked like something akin to a slimy tomato and in waltzes Boy!!!

Boy lives 45 minutes away!! How could this be happening!??!!!??! I tried to dive under my pink comforter with the little man and girl teddy bears all over it, but it was too late! The damage was done. Boy says that he doesn't do these things to me on purpose but I saw this little smug look of pleasure when he saw the state I was in. I have decided this is war, granted I am loosing the war but it is war nonetheless. My goal in life is to catch boy looking like death warmed up and when I do (oh believe me I will) there will be picture proof for all to see!

Well it was lovely to meet you.


  1. Did you spell losing "loosing"? I used to do that when I was retarded. Seriously though, I love your "blogs" ... keep them coming.

  2. Thought this was funny... A tidbit from the "Urban Dictionary" we all love so much: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=loosing

  3. Oh My Heck!! How could I be soooo dumb?!!?? Well this is a perfect way to lead off on the segment about how I can't spell worth beans...nice!