Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Triumphant Moments of the Week!

Kel calls moments such as these: Winners!! 

* Not feeling at all tempted to answer when the evil ex-boyfriend calls (P.S. you sooo are not foolin' anyone, 4am with a blocked number equals crazy ex every time)

* NEVER having to unzip or unbutton my pants to remove them!! Perk to losing weight is everything is too big :)

* Ellie (My adorable 20-month-old niece) loves the stuffed animal I bought her the most!


More Proof

Even More Proof

Ultimate Proof

* The most awkward hug EVER (it was one of those kind where limbs intertwine incorrectly and your heads sorta bump into each other) with Boy isn't even that awkward when your BFF is as cool as mine. . .we just giggled 

* Moving up a weight set on the Bowflex! Look out Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cassie's comin' through! 

This will be me in about 20 years, if I become a man and pack on way to much muscle and become overall less attractive then I am now. Okay, I will NEVER look like this. . .Thank the Good Lord! 

And lastly

* I officially have Eve hair. Eve Hair = hair long enough to cover vital parts of the ta-taas (i.e. nipples) 

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