Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Castle

Normal girls live in one home. I am not normal (shock and awe, right?). This girl lives in a fort and a castle. Just try and beat that. I dare you.

Alright so the "castle" doesn't have a drawbridge or towers or even the up and down ridge rock formations 
To the untrained eye the Castle may just look like any other house sitting happily on its lot. But when you look closer you can see that this little baby is totally worthy of royalty. 

The walls all have paint on them, its a lovely, peaceful sort of beige. Those same walls are made of none other then. . .wait for it. . .DRYWALL! This isn't a joke, it's completely true. That's not all people this place has carpet and I would be willing to bet a substantial amount of the money I don't have that if we pulled up the carpet in this beast we would find sub-floor, oh yeah this place is legit. 

The only bugs we worry about are moths and flies which can hardly be avoided when living in Missouri. 

Yep, this place is a castle alright, but you know what comes with castles? Not servants! There is however an absurd amount of upkeep! You have to vacuum and dust and polish and shine. Who has time for all that noise?
Besides Cinderella (and that chick ditched those tasks when she married Mr. Moneybags the prince. . .who by the way had his own castle) 

Castles may be in civilization but so are ambulances and police sirens which I hear on a nightly basis while residing at this fine establishment. The stars don't seem as bright but that may be because the Golden Arches of the local Micky D's are casting a garish hue in my direction. 

There are ups and downs to every situation, that's all I'm sayin. Luckily I get both. I also get to drive the hour and a half it takes to reach both of my homes. Maybe I'll live in a cottage on Highway 14 right smack in the middle of the Fort and the Castle. How's that for a compromise?? 

 It would be okay with me if it looked like this. Also the name of this painting is Gingerbread Cottage. It would be okay with me if it was made of gingerbread, even better if the gingerbread had zero calories.
Wanna-be-cottage-dweller Over and Out

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  1. Here's an idea get a castle,fort,tent,or home between the two lol :)