Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mind Vomit

Alright, it's time to clear the ol' noggin.

I have an excess of garbage up in this head of mine so I am gonna throw it up right here and right now. Here goes nothing:

*I hate that Boy is gone. (My soul hasn't stopped crying all day. . .my soul is an ugly crier, just for the record)

*School = crap. Yep I am reverting back to the 12-year-old me who was sick every day of the week apart from Saturday and Sunday.

*It's hot in here but when I turn on the fan, I can hardly hear myself think cause it's so dang loud.

*I am convinced that my head is going to explode. I hear that allergies are going around. Hey Allergies "go around" somewhere else cause you are pretty much the bane of my existence.

*I am not sure when, but my cat must have taken a Annoy-Every-Living-Thing-I-Come-In-Contact-With pill. Cause WHOA BUDDY has he gotten obnoxious?!?!! 

*I think I am losing my muchness. . .if you don't know what I am talking about stop reading this and go watch Alice In Wonderland you loser.

*I love being a nanny.

*What is with the over abundance of grasshoppers this year? Speaking of grasshoppers, why exactly do they get to jump great lengths AND fly. . .ummm one or the other bug. Pick. Greedy little jerk. 

*Let's not forget the grasshoppers cousin the cricket which there are approximately 1 million of in my bathroom.  Every time I go in there with a shoe for the sole purpose of a mass murder I can't find a single one. HELLO I can hear your chirp chirp chirping! Crickets = masters of disguise. 

*I really need to wash my car. 
*When I asked my dad to bring home bolt cutters from the shop a few days ago I imagined the smallish not intimidating kind that look similar to pliers, he brought home some massive jaws-of-life contraption that takes the leverage of my entire body weight to manipulate. Yep all to cut down some decorative knobs. . .aren't dads cute? 

*Every time and I mean EVERY time I kill myself trying to complete a reading assignment in preparation for an exam the test is either deemed "take home" or canceled completely. I kid you not. True story. 

*Pretty much every girl in the world is having cute babies with their handsome husbands, every girl but this girl. Yep, that's the jealousy talkin'

*I should invest in a level, most if not all of the things hanging on my walls are at least slightly crooked. It's just sad. 

*I hate when people call me loud. Is that really fair considering that I AM actually loud?! Today when my brother told me to quiet down because I was disturbing the martians on Mars (as if I didn't know where the MARtians lived?) I secretly called him bad names inside my head. That happened. 

*I am clearly in need of sleep, and perhaps therapy. 

Empty-Minded Over and Out

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