Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ghost Busted.

If you are ever home alone, while taking a shower and for no reason known to you the shower curtain (rod and all) fall completely to the floor, screaming like a ninny will NOT keep the hot air from escaping or the water from flooding your bathroom. It is a much better idea to quietly apologize to whatever ghost you disturbed with your singing and then quickly retrieve the rod and curtain and return them to their proper place.  

No matter how you handle the situation you must certainly will NOT be enjoying the rest of your shower. I suggest rinsing your hair and high tailing it out of there. 

Not that I would know from personal experiance.

But, if I did I would wonder what in tarnation is with my bathroom these days?!?!!! 

First a mouse and now I need to wear a hard hat to protect myself from all the falling debris while bathing?

Trick-y! That is it! I am going to cause a scene! Where is the man responsible for building this place?!!? . . .oh yeah *light bulb* that would be Dad. . .and Mom. . .and me. Poop. Bad plan.

On second thought, I can deal. I am like a baby, very resiliant. You could drop me right on my head, that won't phase me. So what if I got attacked by an invisible somebody while trying to condition my hair? No big. I can bounce back.

Who am I gonna call?
Not ghost busters.
Dang, now I am singing the theme song. . .blast.

Haunted Over and Out 

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