Friday, September 16, 2011

School and other bits.

School started again. Without my permission and completely to my dismay. School is kind of a rude jerk when it comes to punctuality. Always right on time and never really wanted (not unlike the menstrual cycle).  

I would like to take this time to blame school for my lack of post-ege...who even has time for both I tell you?!!!?

But Friday = Freeday to NOT tell my dad that I have been sitting at this desk fake-doing-my-homework for the last three hours which is why I simply cannot revamp our file system. Can't do it. Big homework happenin' over here. 

WARNING: if you plan on using this excuse ever in your life remember to occasionally let out a helpless whimper and exasperated huffy breath. It adds to the effect. 

Taking pictures of yourself while fake-studying is a sure give away. Good thing Dad isn't too savvy.

Really though, to all my college going peeps, what is with each and every professor thinking their subject is the most important thing on the planet? We are talking more important then world hunger, peace on earth, good will to men (I am humming a Christmas song now...great). NEWS FLASH PROFESSOR STINKY-PANTS I have 4 other teachers who would love to fight you for the Center-Of-Cassies-Universe Award. Can I get an Amen?

I am going to start handing in disclosures with each of my first assignments of the semester. They will read:

Dear Teacher,
We are not friends, however I will pretend to like you if I think it will improve my chances of getting an A. I have a life. Nieces can not spoil themselves, you know. My cat is very high maintenece and needs ample amounts of both time and attention. Sometimes I like to nap in the middle of the day, a heavy homework load will make that an impossibility. Also, loaded reading assignments bum me out, I would prefer minimal reading. I know you have a heart because your skin is not all hard and crusty and you are clearly living. Please use said heart and give a sista a break.
Kisses, Cassie (i.e. your favorite student)

Okay, maybe not a good idea after all. 

In all seriousness though I think the reading should be substantially less. I mean if you had to pay over $100 bucks (which you must certainly did, because text books are more expensive then diamonds, BMW's, or adopting a child) then I'd say you are committed. You gave of your precious pennies, you shouldn't have to give of your precious sleep too. It's only fair. I voted, and you lost teachers.

This semester has brought out the bitter in me. It's a true story. The only teacher I can even stand for more then a minute is Ms. Kellie. She has pointy teeth and shiny shoes. Plus, I love to play with her hair. Yep, Ms. Kellie is awesome. She isn't actually MY teacher but she IS a teacher so it still counts. 

SIDE NOTE: My sisters are the BEST sisters.

College Student Over and Out

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  1. Ohhh Cassie dearest! You make me so happy! I love reading your blog! I blog-stalk just about everyone on Planet Earth. I love you and don't despair over school too much! It's hard, but I'm right there with you! Keep that chin up :)