Thursday, August 4, 2011

Driving 15 Hours, not actually so awesome.

Me and the Momma drove to South Carolina. It sucked.

 Sometimes we make faces like Bella


 Funny Story: As Mom and I are walking into the girls restroom we notice a rather large MAN walking out. . .excuse me man but you have to have rather important plumbing to pee in this room, here's a hint: You don't have it!!

This is how you try and stay warm when Mom is blasting the AC and it's Antarctica up in this place!
Proof that Mom wasn't actually the one to blame. . .Genevieve (My Impala) has pretty amazing freezing out skills.
 BEST TRAVEL FOOD EVER!! And the best travel food ever deserves Cassie Kisses. Not all things do ya know.
Mom knows about the yumminess of the Vermont White Cheddar Wheat Thins, also she probably won't love that I put this picture on here. I am in control. The pictures stays. So there.

Practically-a-trucker Over and Out

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