Monday, December 26, 2011

"Oh Martha, Oh Christmas!"

Yesterday was Christmas, which means that one day ago my whole family (with the exception of one very missed middle big brother) and I got together had some food, opened some gifts, talked really loud so as to drown out the family member sitting next to us, and enjoyed the controlled chaos that is the Clubb Family.

It was blissful.

Fun Fun for everyone, more fun for the youngins who got about a trillion presents each but hey ya can't be young forever. Unless your Victoria Beckham because that chick still looks exactly the same as she did in Spice World. 
Posh for Life!!

So Christmas was great, but today. . .today was the <----yes I just said that. 
I watched Gilmore Girls all day long. The WHOLE day! I had three 6 minute breaks to switch and fold the laundry, two 3 minute potty breaks, and once I sprinted up the stairs to refill my water and bowl of muddy buddies. It was thrilling!! Pajama pants, pony tail, and a pair of my dads extra big socks. 
This is the life!

Yay for Christmas and Gilmore Girls.

Lazy Elf Over and Out

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